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Why Team Up with Commercial Ready Mix Concrete Supplier

Why Team Up with Commercial Ready Mix Concrete Supplier
Thu, 01/Oct/2020

Ready mix concrete (RMC) is the most preferred building material, especially for the toughness and resilience it offers once set. Ready mix concrete is manufactured in factories under controlled conditions where all the mixing proportions are maintained via high-tech batching plants.

If you are about to start with a new construction project, you should team up with a reputed commercial ready mix concrete supplier to ensure the best quality material. Also, you will not have to take any responsibilities for the transportation of material to the project site; it is all done by the concrete supplier. They use transit mixers which are mounted on trucks and transported easily to the work site.

Ready Mix Concrete: Different Types

Ready mix concrete can be manufactured in three different ways. Based on the mixing of ingredients it is divided into three categories.

Central Mixed Concrete

Here, the concrete is mixed before loading it into the mounted truck mixer.The truck mixer works as an agitator during the transportation of the mix. Also, if the required volume is less, then dump trucks or non-agitating units are used.

Transit Mixed Concrete

Here, all the ingredients including water are poured into the drum mixer mounter on the truck. The drum (mixing unit) is revolved at a fast pace while pouring the ingredients in it and then it rotates at a normal speed to achieve the required consistency of the material.

Here, the process of mixing can be done in any of the following places.

  1. Concrete mixed at batching plant yard
  2. Concrete mixed in transit
  3. Concrete mixed at the project site

Shrink Mixed Concrete

In this category of the concrete manufacturing process, a plant mixer or a central mixer is used tomix the concrete partially before being poured into the drum mixer mounted on the truck. And, the process of mixing is completed during the transit time to the project location.

Benefits of Partnering with Top Ready Mix Supplier

  • Superior quality concrete mix
  • High level of consistency
  • Can be availed in high volume
  • Less pollution as mixing is done in batching plants
  • Cleaner environment
  • Less labour cost at site


When you decide to partner with a commercial ready mix concrete supplier, it is important that you do it with a reputed service provider in the area. You will get the best rate for the best quality raw material and ensure very high strength and superior level of resilience to the final concrete structure. As a contractor, you will always need to be sure of the quality of raw materials you use for the project, and collaborating with a top concrete supplier is the only way to secure that aspect.

Contact Save Time Concrete, the most preferred commercial ready mix concrete supplier in town. Speak to us about the raw material you need for your next project and we will let you know the volume you require to suffice your requirements perfectly.

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