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What is the difference between ready mix concrete and on-site mix concrete?

What is the difference between ready mix concrete and on-site mix concrete?
Thu, 14/Apr/2022

A construction project is incomplete without concrete, and it is considered one of the most important ingredients. Any construction project generally uses two types of concrete one is ready mix concrete& other is an on-site mix concrete. Both have different types of applications and have their advantages & disadvantages. The usage of any type depends on the nature of the project. Sometimes a project needs both types, or other times, it needs any one type. Concrete is the mixture of water, cement & aggregates. This article will state the general difference between ready mix concrete and on-site mix concrete. Let's get started.

Onsite Mix Concrete: As the name suggests, site mix concrete is prepared manually at the place of the construction site. It is volumetric concrete which means the preparation depends on the volumetric ratio of various ingredients. To achieve the desired consistency and strength, the ingredients must be mixed in the correct proportions.

It is generally used in small projects where the required batch can be prepared onsite.

Site mix concrete is less expensive and can be optimized as per the requirement.

It requires more space to store

Ready Mix Concrete is manufactured in a plant and carried to the construction site through a special carrier. The mixture remains in an unhardened state and is ready for use. It is measured by volume and purchased in cubic meters.

Ready-mix concrete is batched at the plant, so there is almost no chance of mistakes, and the quality is always supreme because of the precise mixing of the ingredients.

Construction speed is maximized due to quality and consistency.

For the construction of highways or roads, ready mix concrete is ideal. The solution doesn't require a place to mix the ingredients.

It ensures less pollution at the site.

RMC generally does huge & modern constructions.

RMC is more expensive than site mix concrete.

Always Choose The Right Concrete Supplier

Whatever may be the choice of concrete, never fail to collaborate with the right concrete supplier in the UK. Whether it is about procuring premixed batches of concrete or availing of raw materials and mixing equipment for the onsite mixed concrete, only the right concrete material company will offer you supreme quality products at the most competitive pricing. Here the name Save Time Concrete is a highly recommended one among top construction companies. The age-old brand name and ethical business dealings have made the team what it is today!

Final word

From the above-stated difference between ready mix concrete and on-site mix concrete, it is already clear that both are viable for any construction project. But RMC is much more preferable than site mix concrete as it offers more strength & better consistency. But for smaller projects like any residential construction or home renovation site, mixed concrete would be the ideal choice over RMC.

Another important factor in choosing the type of concrete is the site location. If the project is in multiple locations, ready mix concrete would be a better option.

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