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Transport Concrete Easily at Project site with Concrete Pump Hire in London

Transport Concrete Easily at Project site with Concrete Pump Hire in London
Thu, 23/Jul/2020

London has been the centre of modern western civilization for years. The unique place of the city in history and the associated ease of living have attracted almost all the big business organizations to make their presence in London. A good lifestyle and the prospects of prosperity have also made the place a favourite residential area. So, there are a number of Construction projects are being executed in the city of London and in its suburbs to accommodate a large number of businesses and a large number of people.

However, if you have undertaken a residential project in London or the adjacent areas, you may think of replacing some of the traditional building materials with concrete. Concrete is cheaper and yet an effective building material that gives the builder more creative freedom. While you associate with a reputed building material supplier for the best quality material, you would also need to opt for a concrete pump hire in London to transport the liquid concrete to the required elevation or distance.

Why Shall You Go for Concrete Pump Hire in London?

The concrete mix services in London promises to supply concrete to projects irrespective of the size of the project. They also make the assurance about the transportation of the concrete to the construction site irrespective of the circumstances in which the project is being executed. This assurance is kept through services like concrete pump hire in London. This involves the latest technologies to transport the concrete to the exact location where the truck may not get access due to height, narrow passage, and pre-existing constructions. However, there are two types of concrete pumps that are used to transport concrete mix at project sites. These are the Boom Pump and Line Pump.

Line Pump:

This is used in the construction sites situated at the ground level. When the access is denied to the concrete truck due to any pre-existing structure or narrow passage or heavy traffic, then the concrete is transported to the construction site by using Line Pump. It reduces the cost of manual labour. So, using a line pump is also a cost-effective way of concrete placing at the project site.

Boom Pump:

The boom pump is used to transport the concrete to any workable height. The boom pump can also be used in places where the soil is not durable enough to bear the weight of the truck. In any of these two cases, the truck will be stalled in a nearby location and the concrete will be transported by using a pump and a pipe. The whole system can be extended up to 72 meters.

Save Time Concrete offers the most reliable services in both kinds of concrete pump hire in London. We are a trusted name in the construction industry for offering all kinds of professional services such as onsite concrete mixing, onsite screed mixing, barrowing service, fibres admixture, accelerator admixture, retarder admixture, etc. contact us to know more about our services and also discuss your requirements so that we can offer you an effective solution to all your requirements.

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