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Top 5 Benefits of Concrete Pump Hire London

Top 5 Benefits of Concrete Pump Hire London
Thu, 27/Aug/2020

The success of a construction project depends on various attributes. Right from using top quality raw materials to utilising high-end machines at the site to efficient manpower management; all play a significant role in finishing the work on time with efficiency and ensuring higher ROI.

When it comes to ensuring work efficiency at a project site, it is best done by utilizing top-grade machines such as volumetric ready-mix concrete mixer, concrete pump, etc. Using a concrete pump offers many benefits at the construction site and opting for concrete pump hire in London is a great way to rip in the benefits easily.

Let Us Discuss the Top Benefits of Concrete Pump Hire in London

1. Reduced Manpower

Opting for concrete pump hire in London and using it at your construction site, will help you to get the work done with minimal manpower and ensure that there is no chaos at the site. Also, lesser manpower means you will save money on the head count while getting a high level of concrete pouring efficiency.

2. Precision in Concrete Pouring

Precision is very important while pouring the liquid concrete mix. Whether you need to pour concrete at a higher elevation or a distance, you can do it with the help of a concrete boom pump and line pump respectively. Going for the right kind of concrete pump hire in London will help you ensure precision in concrete pouring at both height and distance.

3. Higher Speed of Concrete Placing

Using a concrete pump will ensure a very high speed of concrete placing at the working site. Here, the concrete pumps are connected to the volumetric concrete batching machine for easy pouring of the concrete mix. This is very useful for larger projects where the required volume of concrete is very high.

4. Higher Concrete Strength

Concrete pumps generally need less amount of water in the mix as compared to any other concrete placing technique. Using a concrete pump helps in eliminating any chances of concrete shrinkage or cracks after the concrete sets in with time. This process helps in maintaining the strength and resilience of concrete structure and also minimises the chances of repair or maintenance of the structure at a later stage.

5. Apt for Larger Projects

Opting for volumetric concrete as well as concrete pump hire in London is very useful for larger construction projects where the requirement of concrete mix is very high. You can easily place a high volume of concrete in different areas of the project site by using an optimal number of concrete pumps. You will eventually be able to complete your project within the deadline by using the right kind of concrete pumps and in the required numbers.


If you are looking for concrete pump hire in London, you should do it from a reputed agency offering high-end concrete pumps. Save Time Concrete is one such concrete pump hire agency based in London offering top of the line concrete pumps on rent. Contact then representatives of Save Time Concrete and discuss your pump hire requirement to get a rate quote for the same.

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