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Speed Up Your Construction Work With Quick Set Concrete Mix

Speed Up Your Construction Work With Quick Set Concrete Mix
Wed, 27/Apr/2022

We all know about ready mix concrete or site mix concrete which usually takes 10 hours to set completely. But sometimes, the extended waiting period takes a toll on construction work and especially when you are doing underwater construction or having extreme weather conditions like harsh rainfall or intense cold. This is when you require quick set concrete, with very little setting time, making it easier to do rapid construction work.

What Is Quick Set Concrete?

As the name suggests, quick-set concrete offers a faster settling period than regular concrete. In general, when water is added to the concrete mix, a chemical reaction takes place, which hardens the concrete mix. As a result, it takes 30 mins to start the setting process and around 10 hours to set it completely. Whereas in the case of fast-setting cement, it takes significantly less time to get hardened, thus making it very beneficial for various construction.

What Are The Applications Of Rapid Setting Concrete

Due to its unique setting properties, this quick set concrete has a variety of applications at different types of construction sites.

Underwater construction or where water usage is maximum.

Daily used cement steps in public places require this unique quick set concrete for fast construction.

Places with high weather extremities like rapid wind, intense rain, or bitter cold.

High-temperature zone with less humidity is ideal for using a quick set concrete.

Any underground work like underground roadways, tunnels, etc., is always constructed using quick-set cement.

It is also used in rock bolt mining anchoring.

Any construction work that needs quick strength in a limited time duration must use fast-setting cement for better work procedure.

Benefits Of Quick Setting Concrete

Here we have jotted down a few astonishing benefits of quick set concrete, making it highly demanding.

No Mixing At All: For any small project, setting concrete is the best option as you don't need to do all the hurdles of mixing the ingredients; instead, just dig a hole in the ground, pour the dry quick set concrete and mix water. It is one of the most straightforward ways to complete a small project in a hurry, as no tools are required and no hurdles to be faced.

Less Labour is required: It has been observed that sites that use quick-set concrete require 50% less labour and it takes minimal time to get settled. This saves both money & time.

Environment-friendly option: Fast set concrete requires significantly less water to harden, which is why it offers fewer carbon emissions, and thus it is beneficial for the environment. Furthermore, large constructions like bridges are done using rapid-setting concrete as it is lightweight yet durable.


Quick set concrete is instrumental in the case of various types of construction due to its versatility. If you have any queries, you can contact us to get the proper assistance. You can reach out to the team of Save Time Concrete and discuss your requirements.

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