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Ready Mixed Concrete Delivery: Simplifying Construction in London, UK

Ready Mixed Concrete Delivery: Simplifying Construction in London, UK
Thu, 13/Jul/2023

In the bustling city of London, construction projects are a common sight as the city continues to grow and evolve. Among the essential elements that ensure the success of these projects is ready mixed concrete. This versatile and time-saving material has revolutionized the construction industry, providing unmatched convenience and efficiency. In this blog, we will explore the benefits and process of ready mixed concrete delivery in London, UK, and how it has transformed construction practices.

Understanding Ready Mixed Concrete

Ready mixed concrete, often abbreviated as RMC, is a tailor-made mixture of cement, aggregates, water, and additives. This concrete is prepared in specialized batching plants and transported to construction sites in transit mixers. The beauty of RMC lies in its precise proportioning, quality control, and consistency, which significantly enhances the strength and durability of structures.

Advantages of Ready Mixed Concrete Delivery

A. Time-Saving

In the fast-paced environment of London, construction deadlines are crucial. Ready mixed concrete delivery eliminates the need for on-site concrete mixing, saving valuable time and accelerating construction progress.

B. Quality Assurance

RMC suppliers adhere to strict quality standards, ensuring that the delivered concrete meets or exceeds industry specifications. This consistency guarantees that the concrete used in your project is of the highest quality.

C. Cost-Effective

Though initially perceived as slightly more expensive than on-site mixing, RMC's benefits outweigh the cost difference. Reduced labor requirements, minimized wastage, and improved construction speed make it a cost-effective choice.

D. Customization

Ready mixed concrete can be customized for specific construction needs, such as different strength grades, slump levels, and admixtures, to suit various project requirements.

E. Environmentally Friendly

The use of RMC reduces the carbon footprint as it optimizes the use of raw materials and decreases energy consumption compared to traditional on-site concrete mixing.

The Process of Ready Mixed Concrete Delivery

A. Order Placement

Construction companies or contractors place an order with a reliable RMC supplier, specifying the required volume, grade, and delivery time.

B. Batching and Mixing

At the RMC plant, the ingredients are precisely measured and mixed using automated batching systems. Skilled technicians oversee the process to ensure the right proportions and consistency.

C. Transportation

Once the concrete is mixed, it is loaded into transit mixers - specially designed trucks with rotating drums. These mixers are equipped to maintain the concrete's consistency during transportation.

D. On-Site Delivery

The transit mixers deliver the RMC directly to the construction site at the designated time. To facilitate smooth unloading, the construction team must ensure that there is ample space for the truck to maneuver.

E. Placement and Finishing

With the RMC delivered, the construction team can immediately begin placing and finishing the concrete, streamlining the construction process.

Ensuring a Smooth Delivery Experience

A. Plan Ahead

To avoid delays and ensure timely delivery, it is essential to plan the concrete requirements well in advance, factoring in potential weather and traffic conditions.

B. Reliable Supplier

Choose a reputable RMC supplier with a track record of delivering high-quality concrete and adhering to schedules.

C. Communication

Maintain clear communication with the supplier, providing accurate details about the project's requirements and any potential changes.


Ready mixed concrete delivery has become a game-changer in the construction industry, offering a seamless and efficient solution for London's ambitious building projects. With its time-saving benefits, cost-effectiveness, and superior quality, RMC has transformed the way structures are built in the city, ensuring durability, sustainability, and meeting stringent construction deadlines. As London continues to thrive and evolve, ready mixed concrete delivery remains an indispensable tool in constructing a vibrant and enduring urban landscape.

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