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On-Site Concrete Batching- What Makes It Beneficial?

On-Site Concrete Batching- What Makes It Beneficial?
Thu, 18/Aug/2022

There are various options for obtaining concrete for your construction project; the one you choose will depend on factors like price and convenience. Onsite concrete batching is becoming more common when the amount is sufficient, and there is a demand at many sites.

Mobile batching machines offer a distinct edge over the competition due to their low initial investment and quick return on investment.

With the onsite concrete mix, you may set up a batch plant in the morning and begin making concrete by early afternoon. In contrast to traditional structures, this one needs to be plugged in and turned on; no foundations are needed.

Onsite batching has numerous benefits over the industry standard of purchasing ready-mix.


You won't have to endure more aggravation and anxiety while waiting for the promised ready mix. Concrete can be produced on demand using onsite concrete batching.


The mobile onsite batching plant offers a dosing accuracy of +- 3% as a standard, and it may be adjusted to +- 1% when necessary.

This means that you will no longer have to argue with your ready-mix provider about the quality of the mix once this conflict is resolved.

Up to twenty different mix patterns can be stored at the plant. You may be sure that your concrete satisfies the project's requirements if standard quality assurance systems for standard concrete testing are in place.

Not a Single Thing Waste

Waste management on the property is one of the most critical challenges we face in the modern era. The construction project cost may be increased by up to 10% due to waste. You will want to cut waste to bolster the company's environmental goal and minimise costs to maximise profits.

You will have a greater degree of control over the production of concrete if it is mixed onsite, and you will be able to provide concrete on demand that is both fresh and has a greater capacity for manipulation for a more extended period.


Onsite concrete batching saves money because you only pay for the concrete you use. You can make bulk purchases of the raw ingredients and keep them onsite.

The difference in the price of producing concrete onsite instead of purchasing ready-mixed concrete is approximately €25 per cubic metre in the United Kingdom.

A cost savings of €2,500 is associated with every 100 m3 of concrete.

We can provide a comprehensive cost analysis for production onsite. Get in touch with Save Time Concrete for more details.

Why Us?

We at Save Time Concrete are here to deliver the highest calibre concrete mix to your location. The client may see how the concrete mix is proportioned on location. Our business puts all of its professionalism into giving the customers the most excellent possible service.

Additionally, we also want you to be aware of how adding particular components, like admixtures and retarders, enhances the strength and durability of concrete mix. We combine the science of the most recent productive way that uses highly effective machinery.

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