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know the different concrete mixing methods

know the different concrete mixing methods
Thu, 19/May/2022

Bridges, highways, dams, and skyscrapers are necessary for a country's strong economy. The world is ever-changing, and thanks to the durable and highly efficient ready mix concrete, our needs are answered. Making strong concrete is not a simple task. It involves a lot of predetermined, calculated processes. Building materials are used in every small and large project for their versatility and flexibility.

The specification of the ready mix concrete depends on the order in which the various constituents of the concrete are put into the mixer. It is as per the mix design along with other components in specific measurements and the right proportion for better quality concrete. Proper mixing of the materials is indispensable for the production of consistent concrete. The concrete mixing process makes sure that the ready mix concrete becomes homogeneous, uniform in colour, and maintains the right compatibility.

When it comes to mixing concrete, these three methods are used to produce effective and high-quality uniform concrete.

Hand Mixing of Concrete is manually done without the help of a mixer. It is labour-oriented. The purpose of hand mixing is for a smaller volume of construction work.

Machine Mixing of Concrete is produced in a mixer machine. The aggregate is placed together in a mixer to get the desired concrete.

Ready Mix Concrete is mixed in an automatic or semi-automatic batching plant. The process is fully mechanical, reducing labour costs and another operational on-site manufacturing cost.

The mixing is sorted into two major types:

1. Stationary concrete allows the flexibility of producing the concrete mix on your schedule to any design without leaving any residue. With a single click in a single machine, this ready mix concrete is produced at the work site for heavy projects.

2. Ready-mixed concrete is mixed in a central plant and then delivered to the construction site in a truck as per the requirement. Labour cost is reduced, and it needs no supervising element. All ingredients are mixed in a fully automated machine as per the design mix.

Some Other Kinds Of Concrete

1) Central-mixed concrete is concrete mixed meticulously in a stationary mixer and delivered in a drum mixer truck.

2) Shrink-mixed concrete is a partially mixed concrete placed in a stationary mixer. The mixing is completed in a concrete truck mixer while travelling to the construction site.

3) Truck-mixed concrete is mixed in a concrete truck mixer, and the constituents are assembled at the plant and placed into the drum mixer truck. The mixing continues till the truck travels to the site.

Mobile Concrete Plants

The mobile batching of mixed concrete is not different from stationary concrete. The mobile Concrete Plant units are fixed on a chassis with axles and wheels, making them easily portable, and the production of concrete can be done at the preferred location. Users benefit from transporting the equipment to manufacture and the concrete batches to a new location and begin the construction hassle-free.

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