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How Does Concrete Pumping Work, And What Is It?

How Does Concrete Pumping Work, And What Is It?
Thu, 15/Sep/2022

When undertaking a construction project, it is essential that time is managed correctly and that no labour or time is wasted. Concrete pumping is a crucial aspect of any construction job utilising the substance, as it transports the mixture far faster than a person dragging a wheelbarrow could.

Transporting a freshly mixed batch of ready mix concrete to a specific area is what concrete pumping is. This may involve pumping Concrete used for foundations into the appropriate housing development area or the home's backyard. When a large quantity of Concrete is required, it is advisable to use a concrete pump because it saves a great deal of time and labour. Once you've moved two wheelbarrows of Concrete from a truck to the desired location, you'll definitely wish you had a concrete pump instead of a wheelbarrow.

Common Concrete Pumps

Ground pumps and truck-mounted boom pump concrete are two common types of concrete pumps.

In the case of a ground pump, the Concrete is fed into a pump that goes along the ground to the required location. For instance, if you need Concrete for your backyard but have a short alley along the side of your property that prevents the concrete lorry from accessing the backyard, the pump can squeeze through the narrow gap and deliver the Concrete with no effort.

Boom Pump Concrete

A boom pump concrete is used to reach regions where a ground pump cannot. These pumps include a remote-controlled, occasionally extendable arm that can reach up and over homes and other obstacles, making them ideal for circumstances where concrete is required on higher ground, such as the top floor of an apartment building.

The arm's flexibility enables it to deliver concrete swiftly and safely to practically any site. Need Concrete for your backyard patio but live in the middle of a row of townhouses? A boom pump can reach over your home, down into your garden, and pump the Concrete into place in minutes, eliminating the need for tiresome wheelbarrow journeys.

The 28m boom pumps have made a potentially time-consuming activity efficient and secure on various construction sites.

The concrete is mixed in our trucks, which then dispenses the mixture into a "hopper" on the back of the truck; while in the hopper, the Concrete is agitated to maintain its fluidity. The Concrete is pulled from the hopper into the pump, carrying it to the required place down the pump. After the operation is complete, "reverse pumping" may be used to clean the hose after a pour.

It Is The Best Method of Concrete Transportation

The most efficient, effective, and secure method for transporting Concrete around a construction site is concrete pumping. Save Time Concrete is a skilled provider of concrete pumping services to clients in London and the surrounding areas. For additional information, get in touch with us immediately, and we will be pleased to assist you with line pumps and boom pumps. Our years of experience have made us an expert in the domain!

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