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Give Your Construction Work the Power of Factory Mixed Concrete

Give Your Construction Work the Power of Factory Mixed Concrete
Thu, 04/Aug/2022

Due to the availability of cheap, plentiful labour, the construction sector has historically been labour-intensive with a slow mechanization rate. However, as big projects require faster and higher-quality building in line with international standards, this industry has become more mechanised, with ready-mixed concrete being one of the results. Some advantages of using ready mix concrete in London are covered here.

Ready-Mix Concrete: What Is It?

Ready Mix Concrete, often known as RMC, is concrete made at a factory or batching plant using a specific ratio before being transported to the job site by in-transit truck mixers. It is a precise procedure that ensures the production of high-quality concrete mixtures, particularly specialty concrete, and its effective use on diverse construction sites. Due to the high accuracy required for making the mixture, ready mix concrete is preferred by most building sites in London over on-site mixing. Here are some additional major advantages:

Time Reduction

The anticipated completion date is one of the most important factors when organising your project. In this situation, you should consider how long it will take to prepare the concrete you need for the job. Due to the numerous cautious stages, exact formulas, and the lengthy period the concrete has to set properly, using the site batch cement mixing approach would need extra time.

In contrast, ready mix concrete is shipped out as a finished good. Therefore, you can plan for it to be supplied exactly when you need it, maximising the building timetable for your project. Furthermore, there is no chance of expensive time delays caused by contaminated or subpar concrete because the mixture is made in a plant under strict quality assurance rules. Therefore, ready mix concrete is your best option if you have a building project in London, or the nearby locations that must be completed quickly.

Improved Accuracy and Quality Assurance

The quality of concrete prepared on-site for work is very difficult to control. Several personnel will frequently prepare it, who will ensure that the proper water-to-cement ratios are utilised and that different aggregates, including sand, crushed stone, and gravel, are graded. Despite all precautions, there is always a possibility that the concrete won't be set properly. In this case, it will likely be too weak and jeopardise the project's overall success.

In addition to being prepared by skilled experts, this concrete typically undergoes rigorous quality standards at a production facility. In this manner, you can produce more exact and sophisticated mixes which you can trust. Additionally, because the concrete is typically produced according to your specific needs, it will fit your project better.

Savings with Ready Mix Concrete

You can be sure that the finished project you create using high-quality ready mix concrete will be robust, resilient, and lasting for many years. In addition, the concrete will generally be able to endure extreme temperature changes, despite the possibility that it may eventually need a little cosmetic upkeep. This will aid long-term investment protection.

Utilising ready-mix concrete in London also results in cost savings related to the production process. Since the raw materials required to create concrete may be extremely expensive, in this instance, the concrete was made with less waste than would have been the case with site mixing. This results in considerable financial savings. In addition, because the product is carried and pumped into the designated spot, there are no storage costs when using ready mix solutions.

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