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Boom Pump vs Line Pump- Which is Ideal for Your Job

Boom Pump vs Line Pump-  Which is Ideal for Your Job
Thu, 25/Jun/2020

Allocating the concrete in an unreachable area is surely a difficult task. It is challenging to place concrete in a region, where there is not much scope for the workers to move. This situation may cause the individuals to hold the construction project even if it is quite urgent. So, to avoid these types of challenging scenarios, boom pump concrete is essential for any kind of project.

Boom pump concrete assists to transport liquid concrete in those areas, where it is not possible to place it manually with the help of site workers. During the construction, the boom pumps are generally located at an area distant from the project site and the concrete gets carried by coupling the pumps to the ready mixer. These pumps would deliver constant output while transporting the concrete to the stipulated area.

Pumps are one of the convenient ways to transport concrete to any construction site based on the requirement. One can easily skip the troublesome steps of repositioning haul concrete from the ready mixer to the stipulated delivery site. However, there are two ways to transport concrete to the stipulated project site without any difficulties- you can either select a boom pump concrete or line pump.

So, let us explore the situations, when it is ideal to use a boom pump and when the line pump is more suitable. Here is a list of benefits of a boom pump and a line pump, you should know before hiring them:

Benefits of Boom Pump Concrete

A concrete boom pump is a heavy-duty pump, which can place greater volume per hour. These boom pumps can offer a constant flow of concrete equivalent to two truck ready mixers. So, these pumps result in fewer not utilized hours of construction. So it minimizes the labor costs by employing the least number of workers and fewer man-hours. The main advantage of these pumps is that you can place the concrete straight where you wish with the help hose. Boom pumps are foldable with remote-controlled arm, with user-friendly features. There are three types of foldable configuration of boom pumps such as roll and fold, Z and ZZ, and RZ.

Benefits of Using a Line Pump

Line pumps can be mounted on a truck and delivered at the job location without many difficulties. Line pumps are more useful for horizontal pumping such as projects related to swimming pools and sidewalks. Also, if your construction site is located in an area where there is no extra space for on-site concrete mixing, these line pumps come handy.


If you are planning to start a big commercial construction project, where you need to transport around a hundred to hundred fifty cubic yards per hour, the boom pump concrete would be able to fulfill your purpose. If you are investing in a much smaller project then it is wise to select line pumps.

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