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Benefits of Using Retarder Admixture for Concrete

Benefits of Using Retarder Admixture for Concrete
Thu, 28/May/2020

Construction activities are gradually growing everywhere in the world. This is more apt a statement for the city of London and its adjacent suburban areas as these areas are in one hand centre for commerce and on the other hand some of the most sought-after residential destinations on earth. So, there is a need for a large number of new constructions to accommodate a large number of businesses and people. However, if you are in charge of one of such construction projects, then you may think to replace some of the traditional building materials with concrete and retarder admixture wherever necessary. There are some irreparable benefits to using concrete.

However, depending on the varied need of the constructor based on the nature of the construction, the concrete, its types, and the delivery types are highly diversified. There in this blog, we shall specifically speak about retarder admixture for Concrete.

Why Shall You Use Concrete?

  1. Concrete is a less expensive building material than materials like steel etc.
  2. It takes a normal temperature to harden the concrete
  3. It gives creative space and flexibility as concrete can be used in different shapes
  4. Concrete is water and temperature resistant and offers toughness
  5. Low maintenance cost and easy to maintain in the future
  6. Loads of options in terms of design aspects at the working site

Retarder Admixture: Why It Is Used During Construction

Concrete is a self-supported building material. However, different types of admixtures can be added to it to add some external properties and functions depending on the nature of the construction activities and the circumstances like environment the project is being carried on. The retarder is mixed with the concrete or screed to maximize the setting time so that it can remain usable for a long time. Before getting hardened, the concrete mixed with retarder admixture stays in the freshly mixed state for a long time and helps in achieving great results. However, retarder admixture for concrete is specifically recommended at construction sites with higher temperatures as it helps in decreasing the water ratio in the concrete mix and increases the setting time of the material.

The Uses of Retarder Admixture for Concrete

  • To achieve a special architectural surface finish
  • To prevent the cold joint formation
  • Highly recommended for projects carried on in hot weather conditions
  • Delaying setting time allows additional time for transportation and placing it in the right position
  • Creates enough space for aesthetic opportunities

Last Words

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