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Benefits of Using Accelerator Admixture for Concrete London

Benefits of Using Accelerator Admixture for Concrete London
Thu, 16/Jul/2020

An accelerator admixture is a component that is added to a concrete or screed mix to speed up the setting time. Hence, the cure time starts early and it reduces the chances of frost damage. The addition of accelerator admixture helps in placing concrete or screed mix during winter months and complete construction projects quickly within the stipulated time. So, you can opt for an accelerator admixture for concrete in London for your construction work and ensure a better performance irrespective of the weather conditions you operate in.

Constructors use accelerator admixture for concrete in London for various projects such as buildings, bridges, large civil engineering projects, and many more. Concrete needs to reach a strength of at least 500 pounds /sq. inch before it starts freezing to avoid frost damages. And, accelerator admixture for concrete can conveniently help in achieving that by speeding up the setting time of the concrete mix after it is placed.

Some of the components used as accelerator admixture are:

  1. Calcium Nitrate
  2. Calcium Nitrite
  3. Calcium Formate
  4. Calcium Chloride

The use of accelerator admixture is not only limited to the construction of buildings in winter months, but they are also used in projects where the work needs to be finished at a faster rate such as roads with heavy traffic, airport runway, tunnels, etc.

The addition of accelerator admixture for concrete in London proves to be beneficial and hence these are very popular among constructors. We at Save Time Concrete offer you the best category of accelerator admixture at affordable pricing. We also offer other services to assist constructors to complete their construction projects easily.

Benefits of Collaborating with Save Time Concrete

At Save Time Concrete, we not only offer good quality accelerator admixture, but we also offer you other services such as retarder admixtures, on site mixed concrete, fibres admixtures, boom pump hire, line pump hire, barrowing service for concrete transportation, and on-site mixed screed. All our services are affordable and always withhold the highest standard in the industry.

Once you collaborate with the professional team of Save Time Concrete, you will get assistance at every step of the construction process along with getting the best of services as well as materials to achieve the highest standard of results in each one of your construction projects.

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