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3 Stages of Concrete Development

3 Stages of Concrete Development
Thu, 10/Nov/2022

When you think of ready-mix concrete, you either think of it as a wet building material that you can form into a style, or you think of it as a hard surface that creates high-rises, sidewalks, homes, playgrounds, and a lot of other things. Both of these interpretations are correct. However, these two phases of ready-mix concrete are only part of what concrete has to offer. There are three concrete stages, and each one plays a distinct role in determining the overall outcome of the concrete project you are working on.


The initial state of ready-mix concrete is referred to as the plastic state, and the state of the concrete characterises it while it is wet. Concrete is a building material that can be moved into place once mixed with aggregate, water, and cement. When all these components are combined, they produce a substance that can be moulded into desired shapes. When concrete is in its pliable state, it can be poured into forms for various shapes, including sidewalks, high-rise walls, foundation footings, underground trenches, and any other condition that may be required for a particular construction project. Compared to different building materials, this attribute confers more manoeuvrability.


The second condition of concrete is known as curing, and it is during this stage the material develops its ability to withstand wear and tear. Curing is the process that happens immediately after placing and finishing the concrete. Throughout this procedure, the relative humidity and temperature are always kept under tight control. Concrete risks scaling and abrasion if the curing process is not carried out correctly, resulting in an unattractive final product. In most cases, the amount of time necessary for concrete to cure is 28 days. However, this period of time might differ depending on the proportions of the mix, the required strength of the concrete, the weather conditions, and the total size of the concrete.


After going through the curing process, the concrete will be in a hardened condition. When the concrete has reached this stage, it has reached the level of strength that was stated, and it is now ready to be utilised for the purpose for which it was designed, such as for a road, sidewalk, patio, etc.

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