Why is Onsite Mixed Screed the Right Choice

October 17, 2019
Why is Onsite Mixed Screed the Right Choice

Have you noticed the smooth finish on the flooring of a building structure? That is the result of screed layering! Screed is a concrete finisher! It is the thin top layer laid on the concrete bed for the final finishing touch. It is made up of cement and sharp sand. The ratio of the sand may vary from three parts to five parts of the given cement quantity. This is then mixed with adequate water and a screed mixture is formed. You can get ready-made screed mix or can opt for an onsite mixed screed that is freshly prepared on the construction site right in front of your eyes. Screed layering gives a smooth finish to the floor and prepares it for the flooring style.

Screed Vs Concrete

Are screed and concrete the one and same thing? Both are made up of cement, sand, and water but both have different uses and different compositions.

  1. Screed is the topmost layer over the bed of concrete whereas the concrete mix is used for laying the foundation and for the basic construction of the structures.
  2. Concrete is just bulk layering of cement mix whereas screed provides a smooth final finish to the concrete chunk.
  3. Concrete uses coarse aggregates in its mixture rendering it a coarse finish. This leads to the durability of the structures. Screed, on the other hand, is of finer consistency and smooth finish due to fine aggregates in its mixture.
  4. Screed layering is optional and is used for floor laying. A concrete mix is essential and is the basic fundamental of construction.
  5. Concrete mix is of wetter consistency and this makes pouring easy. A screed mix is in a semi-dry state that makes levelling easy and smoother.

Benefits of Availing Onsite Mixed Screed

You can get ready mix screed or can also go for onsite mixed screed. Ready-mix screed gets churned up in the industrial plants and gets delivered to your construction site. It is also mixed with admixtures to prevent hardening during transition. This addition of admixture slightly increases the cost of ready mix screed. Onsite mixed screed is a much more practical and budget-friendly concept. You can get the screed mix prepared right in front of your eyes in the customized proportion that you want and the prepared mixed can be used immediately. Thus, the need for adding admixtures is avoided thereby reducing costs. You can get the screed mixed in smaller batches and avert any surplus leftover wastage.

Onsite Mix Screed Supplier in the UK

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