Types of Mix Concrete in London and Their Application

January 23, 2020
Mix Concrete in London

The mixing ratio of the concrete and its components decides the formulation of different types of concrete mixes and their tensile strength. The strength and quality depends on the site of mixing, design of the mixture, construction method, and application area! There is a huge variety of mix concrete in London that you can avail of from leading suppliers. These can be briefly classified as under:

Normal Strength Concrete

This is the most basic mix concrete in London that is obtained by mixing all the basic components such as water, cement, and aggregates. It gives a humble strength of average 24MPa– 30MPa and sets within a time limit of around 1 hour. The setting time varies upon place to place depending upon the weather conditions.

Reinforced Concrete

High tensile strength is incorporated in mix concrete through the method of reinforcement and so reinforcement mix concrete in London is used in areas where very high tensile strength is required. Places where plain concrete does not suffice, reinforced mix concrete comes into action. Fibres or steel bars are used in the reinforcement of such mix concrete in London. Proper bonding between the concrete and reinforcement controls the strength and the durability of the reinforcement mix concrete.

Plain Concrete

Plain concrete does not contain any sort of reinforcement and the basic mixing ratio of cement, aggregates, and water is 1:2:4. It is the most commonly applied mixing ratio of plain mix concrete in London. The application area of such plain mix concrete is where less tensile strength is needed such as pavements. It gives a satisfactory durability period as well.

Prestressed Concrete

Prestressed concrete is used where a layer of concrete is made stronger against tension by pressing the tension bars. The compression of the structural unit helps once the concrete is set and hard. Places such as bridges, roofs, and other heavy loaded structures need the application of prestressed mix concrete in London. This technique requires excellent labour skills and heavy equipment.

Precast Concrete

Structural units such as staircase, cement blocks, poles, etc. can be precast in factories under the favourable condition and can be brought to the site and assembled directly. Specification details are provided to the mix concrete supplier to get the perfect dimensions of the precast mix concrete in London. Such type of concrete helps in the speedy construction process. Transportation gets a little tricky but it is worth considering the pace of work.

Where to Obtain Mix Concrete in London?

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