Learn More about Retarder Admixture for Concrete

October 24, 2019
Learn More about Retarder Admixture for Concrete

There are several materials that you need during the construction of any project. You need concrete, screed, various machinery, and pumps, etc. Such materials are supplied by a supplier who deals with raw materials and machineries. Concrete or screed can be prepared and mixed right in front of your eyes at the site. You may also order ready mix concrete for the uninterrupted supply and urgent needs. These ready mixes of concrete or screed are transported to your site through large trucks. But what if they start setting right during transportation. All your raw material then goes to waste.

Retarder admixture for concrete is a catalyst that retards (slows down) the setting of the cement or screed mix. Other than that, retarder admixture does not affect the concrete mix. The retarder admixture does not alter the quality or the property of the cement and does not alter its water absorption capacity. It only delays the setting time of the cement mix and increases the workability of the concrete.

How Does Retarder Admixture For Concrete Works?

Retarder admixture for concrete can be combined with the water used in the concrete mix or it can be sprayed above the concrete mix to get the results. The admixture makes the settling process inactive and hinders hydration reactions. The type of retarder used plays an important role in the final result.

Benefits of Adding Retarder Admixture for Concrete

Retarder admixture for concrete is usually used in hot climate so that the high temperatures do not accelerate the setting of the cement between the mixing and the placing time difference. The adding and mixing of this admixture have certain benefits:

  1. Retarder admixture for concrete slows down the setting time, thereby helps in easy transportation of the concrete mix from mixing plants to the construction sites.
  2. The retarded process gives more time for plastic grooving of the concrete
  3. Hand finishing job gets more time and better output results are seen
  4. Cold joints are eliminated by the use of retarder admixture for concrete
  5. It also helps in avoiding cracking due to the setting of concrete to some extent.
  6. It is also debated that the use of retarder admixture improves the final strength of the set concrete mix after the structure is built.

Due to the above-mentioned advantages, retarder admixture for concrete is a widely used admixture.

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