Concrete Mix

Manufacturing Process of Ready Mix Concrete, Wycombe

Ready mix concrete is a type of concrete that is manufactured in factories typically known as batching plants based on the engineered mixed design. This mixed concrete is brought to the construction site by truck mixes or transit mixers. Ready Mix Concrete, High Wycombe is a preferred concrete choice due to its affordability and fast supply. Save Time Concrete can provide quick and cheap supply of Ready Mix Concrete, High Wycombe.

Transit Mixers- Types and Uses

The transit mixers in which this ready mix supply is conducted by us are again of two different types:

One type is the concrete made dry at the batching plant, loaded into agitator truck mixers and water added during transportation.

The other type consists of mixed wet concrete made at the batching plant, discharged into the agitator truck mixers and transported to the site.

The drum or barrel that is mounted on the truck is made to rotate continuously to keep the concrete in the plastic state.

Advantages of Ready Mix Concrete, High Wycombe

The advantages of using Ready Mix Concrete, High Wycombe cannot be ignored. The major benefits provided are:

It allows speedy construction through programmed delivery at site, mechanized operation with acceptable economy.

Usage of ready mix concrete, High Wycombe reduces the labour cost and site supervising cost.

The uniformity in the quality of concrete is maintained through strict & computerized restraint of cement, aggregates, and water as per mix patterns.

Usage of ready mix concrete also reduces the wastage of raw materials during storage.

The overall concrete budget for huge construction projects is kept under the desired limit.

Lots of space is saved on the site that can be used for other purposes.

It is an eco-friendly method that reduces dust and noise pollution.

We can provide you with the most cost-effective ready mix concrete supply in High Wycombe and assure speedy supply!

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