Avail Top Quality Mix Concrete Supplies in the UK

December 19, 2019
Mix Concrete Supplies

If you are into the construction business, then you may very well know how difficult it is to get quality concrete mix for work. Have you tried both ready mixes, as well as onsite mixing? But none is giving you satisfactory results! You may have come across several suppliers, but the price and standard of the mix concrete supplies may not be satisfactory and rewarding. Then friends, it’s time for you to try our services. We are Save Time Concrete and we offer mix concrete supplies in the UK.

More about Us

Save Time Concrete is an experienced firm that supplies everything that you need for your construction business. From mix concrete supplies in the UK to screed mixes, we provide all. We also lend useful construction related machineries such as boom pump, line pump, wheelbarrow service, etc. We always take pride in our work and the standard and grade of our mix concrete supplies. You may not encounter any quality issues in our supplies and will keep coming back to us for your project needs. Let us see the types of mix concrete supplies we provide:

Ready Mix Concrete

Our ready mix concrete is churned up in big commercial factories where we have large concrete mixing plants installed! We always use scientific and hygienic methods for concrete mixing. All the raw materials such as sand, cement, gravel, stones, admixtures, fibres are stored in separate bins until the mixing process is executed. We use the calculated mixing ratio of different components so that you get the best ready mix concrete supplies for the desired strength and power of your structure. Additional admixtures help in accelerating or retarding the setting time. The water content is also measured and mixed in a desired quantity to get the exact fluidity.

Onsite Concrete Mixing

Do you want to get the concrete mixed right in front of your eyes? Well, we provide provisions for that too! If you have enough space at your site where you can accommodate the necessary churning machinery and other raw materials separately then we can arrange for the same. You will get the freshly prepared concrete mix right in front of your eyes without any hassles. You can adjust the ratio of the raw materials and water according to your needs. Plus you also get to prepare as much mix as required, avoiding any wastage!

Our Other Supplies

Save Time Concrete” is a construction material supplier and our products and services can be viewed on our website. We can provide excellent quality of screed mix, fibres admixtures, retarder admixture, accelerator admixture, and other raw materials. Our machinery supply will help you greatly to fasten up your project and complete it on time. You can avail of our wheel-barrowing services, line pump service, boom pump service, etc that you may need on your site. Our cost quotations will take you by surprise and you can complete your work within your budget. We are extremely professional and punctual. Try our services and you will not be disappointed.