Safety Tips for Carrying Out Concrete Wheelbarrow Services

February 20, 2020
Concrete Wheelbarrow Services

A concrete wheelbarrow helps carry a little amount of heavy material and objects to move them from one place to another. Workers should be efficiently trained regarding the correct way to use the wheelbarrow and also should be advised to wear PPE (personal protective equipment) to protect themselves while they get indulged in such an indispensable chore. Save Time Concrete below has listed ways how to use the concrete wheelbarrow safely and how to carry concrete wheelbarrow services.

Concrete Wheelbarrow Services

Safety when using a concrete wheelbarrow begins with conducting the correct inspection before actually using them. Every worker should take their respective time to examine each part of the wheelbarrow that they are in perfect form before carrying out their concrete wheelbarrow services.

Handles and Grips

Check whether the handles have cracks. If they do have, then kindly report.

Check that grips are in good form.

Washers, Nuts, And Bolts

Check whether all the washers, nuts and the bolts are tightened and in place.


Accurately check whether the frames are bent or cracked. If then report it.


Check for the bracing, make sure that it is in place and is in good condition.

Bucket and Tipping

Check whether the tipping bodies and buckets have cracks, holes or are bent.

Check for any dried concrete or any debris in it

Legs and Stand

Check whether any legs in the stand are missing

Check if any legs in the stand are cracked, bent or broken?


Check if all the wheels are straight and clean

Axle Shaft

Check if all the axle shafts are tight and straight

Wheel Bearings

Check of all the wheel bearing is clean, tight and lubricated

Tires and Tubes

Check whether the tires are low on air

check for weather cracked or worn-out tires

Valve Stems

Check if the valve stems have an appropriate cap in place

Check for weather cracks

Painting and Coating

Check if the painting or the coating is chipping. Check for rust too.

SomeSafety Guidelines for Concrete Wheelbarrow Services& Ensure to obtain Optimum Performance

Make sure to take out any defected wheelbarrow from the service for repair or replacement. Do not overload the concrete wheelbarrow. Carefully inspect the pathways and ensure they are free of unwanted objects, equipment, and materials. Check the pathway where you are going to move the concrete wheelbarrow. Make sure that the surface is free of potholes, grading issues and obstructions.

All the employees must wear prim and proper PPE at the time of hauling the load. A proper PPE includes a hard hat, heavy-duty gloves, cover all clothing, safety shoes or boots, goggles or safety glasses, etc. All the ramps should be wide enough so that the employees have sure footing at the time of hauling the loads with concrete wheelbarrows over them.

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