Avail Concrete Boom Pump Service in UK at Cheap Rates

October 31, 2019
Avail Concrete Boom Pump Service in UK at Cheap Rates

Concrete is the main raw material used for the construction of structures. It is carried in huge trucks and transferred through a Concrete Boom Pump. But where can you avail of Concrete Boom Pump services? We are Save Time Concrete, the leading supplier of construction raw materials in the UK. You can avail superior quality concrete, screed, admixtures, and other machinery services from us.

Concrete or screed is a semi-solid liquid that is needed for projects. It can be mixed on-site or you can opt for ready mix supplies. Whatever may be the case, this fluid is easily transferable through a Concrete Boom Pump and used easily. But first, let us understand the need for such machinery and its usage!

Need For Concrete Boom Pump

You usually need to transfer liquid concrete at higher elevated levels and use it thereafter. Wheelbarrows, cranes or conveyors are some of the techniques that can be followed but a boom pump is a faster and practical option. It is the electrical machinery that has a powerful motor pump attached to it and the concrete mix is pushed through the pipelines and dropped wherever needed. This is a versatile method of concrete transfer and saves a lot of manual labor. Because of the pumping method, it saves a lot of time and makes the construction cycle faster.

What Type Of Concrete Mix Can Be Transferred Through A Concrete Boom Pump?

The powerful motor needs to push the concrete through a series of narrow pipelines. The concrete mix needs to be of flowing consistency and must contain aggregates that are of small uniform size. This ensures the smooth flow of the mixture without any obstruction. The Concrete Boom Pump is designed in a way that can pump almost of kind of concrete or screed mix with ease.

Mechanism of Concrete Boom Pump

Booms are articulating robotic arms that are controlled from a remote location. They are attached to the huge concrete trucks and can pump high volumes of fluids at a great speed. These are connected to a powerful motor that works like a suction giant. It is a revolutionary substitute for the tedious manual effort. Almost every construction project needs to avail of this service to make the working quicker and fast-paced. Higher floor levels can be easily reached by boom pumps and successful deposition of concrete fluid can be achieved.

How Can Save Time Concrete Help?

Save Time Concrete is the pioneer in construction supplies and machinery rentals. We know your diversified needs and provide you with all sorts of machinery rental services. Barrowing Service, Concrete Boom Pump rental, Line Pump rental are some of our services (details mentioned on the website). Apart from this we also supply Concrete Mixes and Screed Mixtures and also deal in Retarder Admixtures, Accelerator Admixtures, and other construction supplies. Our list of reputed customers and their happy and positive reviews are the result of our hard work and quality services. Do contact us for further details!